Pickled Carrot Slaw with Cilantro

Do you ever open your refrigerator door to find carrots staring back at you? And the next time you look in your refrigerator, the same carrots are still there. Fortunately, carrots have a long shelf life. But in my family, it also means that we are not eating this simple, very nutritious vegetable to its full potential. In my quest to “elevate” carrots, I decided pickle the carrots — along with cabbage and red onions– adding fresh cilantro from my garden. Wow, it was a hit and my husband couldn’t stop eating the pickled carrot slaw. Time to make another batch.

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A Trio of Cabbage Recipes for New Year’s Day

three cabbage recipes - 2 - IMG_1787_1

In the South, cabbage and blackeye peas are eaten on New Year’s day for prosperity, luck and wealth. My last blog gave an idea for preparing blackeye peas.

Cabbage is in season and very inexpensive, the supermarkets had bins and bins. So, I accommodated and purchased four cabbage heads. That’s alot of cabbage, I must be wishing for alot of wealth this year. But I actually like cabbage–didn’t like it much growing up–and find there are many ways to prepare it when you really think about it.

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