Galen’s Spaghetti Sauce with Garden Fresh Vegetables

Eat your vegetables! We heard this when growing up and it’s just as important as we get older. This homemade spaghetti sauce recipe is full of garden fresh vegetables–eggplant, squash, bell peppers, tomatoes. It’s a good way to incorporate some of summer’s produce into a meal.Spaghetti Sauce - IMG_4146_1

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Two Cool Cucumber Dishes – a Soup and a Sauce

Cucumbers grow well in Louisiana gardens in the summer. I have huge crop and try to find different ways to prepare them.  Here are two recipes which use the same ingredient combination — cucumbers, yogurt, garlic — but with very different results. One recipe was a hit and the other bombed.Chicken and Yogurt Dip - IMG_4117_1 Continue reading

DIY Project: Let’s Make Homemade Pickles

My mother’s homemade bread and butter pickles are the best I’ve tasted. They are a sweet pickle with Indian-type spices. Every summer when I was growing cup, canning pickles and other garden produce was a major summer activity. I have plenty of garden cucumbers and decided to tackle this DIY project myself.homemade bread and butter pickles - IMG_5646_1

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