Easy Sweet and Sour Cabbage Borscht

I’m quite proud of my Sweet and Sour Cabbage Borscht. I’d never made it–and was pleased with how well it turned out. It started with a trip to Rochester, New York, and a visit to the farmer’s market with autumn fruits and vegetables. I couldn’t resist bringing home a nine pound cabbage. What should I make with the huge cabbage? My mother-in-law suggested cabbage borscht.

Sweet and Sour Cabbage Borscht - 1R - IMG_8355

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Old-Fashioned Popcorn Balls and Food Day

Halloween is coming and this reminds me of the homemade popcorn balls that my sweet next-door-neighbor gave out to trick-or-treat goers. I tried making some of this candy confection myself and its pretty good. October brings Food Day as well as World Food Day. It is kind of a stretch, but I made a connection with popcorn, two farm families and Food Day.

Old-Fashion Popcorn Balls - IMG_8000_1

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Bayou Persimmon Mud Pie and Persimmon Adventures

My backyard persimmon tree is loaded with fruit this year. Enough for me, the birds, the squirrels and some to give away. This has me thinking of ideas for persimmon recipes including a variation on a cheesecake and persimmon salsa. I have never known what kind of persimmon tree is growing in my backyard. My curiosity for answers took me on an adventure to a unique persimmon grove in the heart of Baton Rouge, shown here.

Persimmon Grove - 2 - IMG_7819

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Chef John Folse’s Tunica-Stuffed Peppers

Hard to believe that October is here already. This summer flew by. Guess I still have a few summer vegetables on my mind–including these colorful bell peppers. Bell peppers are very nutritious and also inexpensive when in season in the summer. One of my favorite ways to prepare bell peppers is stuffed with ground meat, rice and served with tomato sauce. While looked through some recipe books, I found an interesting variation on this theme which highlight’s Louisiana cuisine.

John Folses Tunica Stuffed Peppers - 3 - IMG_7517_1

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