A Trio of Cabbage Recipes for New Year’s Day

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In the South, cabbage and blackeye peas are eaten on New Year’s day for prosperity, luck and wealth. My last blog gave an idea for preparing blackeye peas.

Cabbage is in season and very inexpensive, the supermarkets had bins and bins. So, I accommodated and purchased four cabbage heads. That’s alot of cabbage, I must be wishing for alot of wealth this year. But I actually like cabbage–didn’t like it much growing up–and find there are many ways to prepare it when you really think about it.

Coleslaw is probably the most common preparation of cabbage. Coleslaw tastes much better when very fresh cabbage is used, then it is very good. My recipe is for a pickled version. Boiled cabbage is also common–I made a take-off on this idea and baked it au gratin style. The last recipe is for cabbage soup. This is a new one for me, but my husband–who is my taste committee-gave it a thumbs up.

Festive Pickled Cabbage Slaw

In this recipe the vegetables–cabbage, carrots, onions, red peppers and Serrano peppers are marinated in cider vinegar and sugar. Colorful, yet the flavors are not overpowering. Kind of like a fresh sauerkraut. It goes well on a ham, shrimp–or even chicken–po-boy. It can also be served as a side dish.

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Cabbage and Kale Soup

Sometimes simple is better. This soup uses cabbage I purchased and kale from my garden. I sauteed onions and added bits of ham for flavor. It’s cooked in chicken broth. Simple and easy to make–uses one pot.

cabbage and kale soup i trio - 1 - IMG_1781_1

Au Gratin Cabbage

I really like freshly boiled cabbage. Here’s a little twist on that idea. The steamed cabbage is mixed with cheese and a white sauce, topped with break crumbs and  baked until bubbly. It takes a little more time and effort to make a white sauce, but it’s actually not difficult.

au gratin cabbage in trio - 1 - IMG_1782_1

Here’s the prepared au gratin recipe in serving dish.

cabbag au gratin - 1 - IMG_1767_1

One head of cabbage goes a long way, especially for two people. I usually have a couple of recipes in mind when I purchase it. Fortunately, I’ve got many ideas.

The year of 2013 went by in a flash. When I think about all the things that happened in our world this past year, I feel really lucky. So, I’m eating my blackeye peas and cabbage again; perhaps I’m a little suspicious–like my Cajun next door neighbor. Time to set some New Year goals. Yes, they can be achieved and we can make a difference!

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