Happy Cows on an Iowa Dairy Farm

Happy cows make more milk; so says my second cousin’s son, Josh. Richard Blough and son Josh operate a family dairy farm in Iowa. While the trend is a sharp decrease in family-owned farms in this country, this father and son team are bucking the trend and have shown that successful family farming is possible. Josh is the 4th generation to farm this land which will be owned by the Blough family for 100 years as of 2018. 

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Grandma Jackie’s Corn Pudding

When we asked our cousins to suggest favorite family recipes for our Snavely-Blough reunion; Peg and Tim nominated Corn Pudding. It was Tim’s grandmother’s recipe and the corn dish was a perfect fit for our Iowa reunion. Grandma Jackie’s Corn Pudding was delicious. Continue reading

Hot Fudge Sauce for Ice Cream and Brownie Sundaes

I have a great recipe for Hot Fudge Sauce that I’m making to go along with ice cream and Teff Brownies. What is teff? Teff is an ancient grain from Ethiopia and it is full of protein and nutrition; it’s gluten-free. It can be ground into flour to make a variety of breads and baked goods such as brownies. I’m anticipating getting a sample of teff flour soon. Right now I’m making hot fudge sauce — the best I’ve tried — to go along with the brownie sundaes. Continue reading

All-American Sliders — Remake of White Castle Burgers

It’s the Fourth of July! Let’s have a picnic on this patriotic holiday. I associate All-American hot dogs and hamburgers with Fourth of July celebrations and so I’m making burger sliders for this picnic. Mine are a re-make of White Castle sliders. These are miniature square hamburgers with onions served with a steamed bun. If you’ve never had a White Castle slider, try these substitutes. They are quite tasty little hamburgers.

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