Louisiana Crawfish Pie

Crawfish is a Louisiana novelty; in season in the spring. Traditionally, this fresh-water crustacean is boiled in a large pot with plenty of spices added. Then peel the tails, eat the meat and enjoy. There are other ways to prepare the crawfish meat; one of my favorites is crawfish pie–shown here in an individual phyllo shell.

Crawfish pie - 3 - IMG_3151

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Strawberry Berry Pie

For a few weeks in the spring, local fresh strawberries are in the markets. They are juicy and sweet. I combined several recipes to make this fresh strawberry pie. It is is packed with strawberries-crushed, sliced and whole on top for decoration. I used yogurt rather than whipped cream in the pie to reduce the fat and calories; the pie is still light and airy.

Strawberry Berry Pie  - IMG_3103_1

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The Perfect Glass of Iced Tea

A perfect glass of iced tea should be soothing, slightly sweet, chilled and with none of the bitter tannin taste of the tea leaves. We drink lots of tea the year around at our house and I have a pretty good recipe for making iced tea. Tea in general has some very interesting potential health benefits as I learned at the FNCE conference.

Iced Tea - 3 - IMG_0523

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