Kids Can Cook: Blueberry Bran Flake Muffins

Grandson holding Blueberry Bran Flake Muffin - 2 - IMG_5480_1When my five-year-old grandson came from Texas to visit and asked if he could help make the muffins, of course I was delighted. Another cook in the family!. Muffins are kid friendly; you just need a couple of bowls and a spatula. I had blueberries from our garden; supplemented with some from the store and was making blueberry muffins with bran flakes added in. Blueberry Bran Flake Muffins - IMG_5476_1

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Garden-Grown Heirloom Lettuce Inspires Wilted Lettuce Salad


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This spring I planted heirloom lettuce in my garden from a sample seed package mix. I was pleasantly surprised to see that many the 20 varieties germinated resulting in some fascinating lettuce types. When I thought about favorite ways to … Continue reading

Quick and Easy Kamut Cracked Wheat Rolls

What do you bake with a complementary sample of Kamut wheat? And what is Kamut wheat? I received the sample courtesy of Bob of Bob’s Red Mill at a convention. Upon returning home from the convention, I discovered that the sample was wheat berries not flour. I thought about making yeast rolls but the berries made it more challenging.

Kamut Cracked Wheat Rolls  - 2 -IMG_5074_1

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Summer Squash: The Zucchini That Got Away

Does summer squash grow in a Louisiana garden? Yes, I planted several varieties of squash this spring. In the morning we go out to the garden, eager to see what is there. Kind of a treasure hunt; it’s exciting to find a new vegetable growing. The squash hide under the big leaves, you’ve got to look hard from several angles to see them. One zucchini got away.

summer squash from garden - 2 - IMG_4608_1
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