Malinda’s Plum and Apple Chutney

Plums are an economical, plentiful and healthy fruit in the late summer. But what do you cook with them?  I become intrigued with a cookbook which dedicated an entire chapter to plum recipes–providing lots of ideas. My kind of cookbook. Here is “Malinda’s Plum and Apple Chutney”. The recipe includes plums, apples, onions and Indian spices. Wow, it was delicious.chutney-with-sandwich-img_6908

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Let’s Cook Something New: Falafel

This summer I tried cooking something new. Falafel, made from chickpeas, is a mainstay in the cuisine of the Middle East. But they are new to me. My inspiration comes from the tiny but innovative New Orleans’ restaurant, “1000 Figs,” and their food truck, “The Fat Falafel.” The falafel was soft and flavorful, elegantly served. I was inspired to make my own. Here’s how the cooking adventure turned out.Falafel and Pickled Vegetables - 2 - IMG_8945

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Summer Spaghetti with a Surprise Twist

Here’s a recipe for Summer Spaghetti with a surprise and a twist. It’s from an old Family Circle magazine; I keep all my treasured recipes safe on one shelf in my kitchen. This recipe is unique because cold tomato sauce is ladled over hot pasta. And as I took a second glance at the magazine spread for “best pasta dishes,” I realized that it was ahead of the times — the recipes fit into the guidelines for the heart healthy Mediterranean Diet. So enjoy a delicious pasta recipe that’s healthy, too!summer-spaghetini-estivi-img_1221_1 Continue reading

Easy Apple Slab Pie for a Crowd after Baton Rouge Flooding

After the massive flooding in the Baton Rouge area on August 19, our neighborhood Civic Association agreed to provide desserts for a local church who was serving nightly suppers to Red Cross volunteers and others just needing a meal. I signed up to bring a dessert on Tuesdays. Tonight I’m making Easy Apple Slab Pie for the supper served at this

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