Beyond Gumbo is a blog relating my culinary experiences since moving to Louisiana years ago.

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Why another recipe blog, you might ask? Doesn’t the internet already contain lots of food blogs? Yes, but I have a unique perspective on the topic. As a nutritionist I’ve worked both in food service management and the clinical setting. I love to cook and that proved useful in the catering end of food service. This period of time was just when healthy eating was growing in popularity. So along the years, I’ve tried to adapt my favorite recipes to make them more healthy. I hope to share more than recipes; a goal is to discuss current trends in nutrition and health. And I grew up in a family that gardened, with grandparents as mid-western farmers. So, I’m doing my best to keep an urban garden growing and will share my experiences here. Welcome to my blog!

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  1. I can’t find anything on here. I can’t call up a blog by date or a Recipe by the name it was called in the blog, I neeeeeeed the Anasazi Bean Soup recipe. I know I saw it before but I didn’t save it then.


    • Hello, The recipe for the Anasazi Bean Soup was posted on January 13, 2019. On the right hand column, you can click on January 2019 and it will list all the recipes for that month of January. You can also put — beans — in the search field criteria. The recipe post should be about the third one down. Also in the drop down menu of the “Recipe” tab across the top bar, you can see “Soups and Stews” that I’ve written. This one should be there. Yes, this blog is a “learn as you go” project for me. A “user friendly” index is something I’d love to accomplish. I appreciate your feedback — please contact me for any other recipes you can’t locate or questions — I try to be helpful.


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