December 7, 2023

9 thoughts on “Let’s Make Tabasco Pepper Jelly

    1. Thank you, Yes, it turned out to be a great jelly with a little “zip.” Never would have guessed that you could make jelly from peppers a couple of years ago when I started this blog. Anything is possible.!

  1. My favorite thing about this is the oh-so-vibrant color…wow! And I agree with Alice, your instructions are so clear that I feel I could literally step up to the stove and make it! We have harvested the last of our jalapeños for the year; if I can get over my fear of sterilizing the jars, I may try to make your jalapeño jelly!

    1. Thanks! This recipe is based off my jalapeno pepper jelly — for that I used red, green and I think banana peppers along with tabasco peppers. It is tasty, too. Yes, I like the bright red color of this jelly.

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