New Orleans-Style Shrimp Po-Boy

When visiting¬†Louisiana you must try a Shrimp Po-Boy. It is one of our specialties. New Orleans is filled with small neighborhood restaurants and many offer po-boys. Here is a small store in a filling station in Mid City, New Orleans, close to where my son lives. It makes 32″ po-boys to order and the shrimp po-boy is delicious.

New Orleans Shrimp PoBoy - 2 - IMG_4927_1


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Shrimp Stuffed Mirliton

I always know when a recipe is a hit when I go to the refrigerator and find the leftovers have disappeared. Shrimp Stuffed Mirlitons is one of those recipes. I always get rave comments when served for friends or family and my family seems to find the leftovers before I do.

shrimp stuffed mirliton - 1 - IMG_1110_1

Mirliton is a type of squash the ripens in the fall around Thanksgiving and is grown primarily in Louisiana, in the states. It’s also found in Central America, South America and Mexico.

I found some mirlitons in the supermarket recently and couldn’t pass up the chance to try cooking with them. These mirlitons were large, uniform in size and unblemished–very nice ones.

I like to stuff the mirlitons with vegetables, bread crumbs and sauteed shrimp, similar to eggplant. Since the mirlitons are bland flavored, they can be spiced up with Tabasco Sauce or Creole Seasoning.

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