Easy Cook: Fresh Cranberry Fruit Compote

Cranberries add a festive and refreshing touch to holiday meals. The tart flavor of cranberry sauce helps tone down the rich flavors of a large holiday turkey meal. Doesn’t cut the calories of the meal you just ate, but it does cleanse the palate. Last weekend  company was visiting — they helped with the cooking. My niece and I created wonderful fresh fruit compote with cranberries and foods on my kitchen counter. We served the dish at almost all meals and discovered it was a satisfying substitute for high-calorie desserts. Guess we found a way to save on calories, after all.

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Satsuma Sherbet with Candied Orange Peel

I’ve been sorting old family photographs and for whatever reason that brought back memories of the ice cream truck that drove through the neighborhood in the summer months. I always got Dream-sickle Push-Up’s with their creamy orange flavor.
Satsuma Dreamin' Sherbet with Candied Orange Peel - IMG_1264_1

What a great thing to make with my sack of satsumas. I tried making a custard ice cream and also a sherbet. Both turned out with success. Surprisingly like the one I remembered.

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