Roasted Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce

Cherry tomatoes are tiny versions of the wonderful, ripe tomatoes which I love so much in the summertime. There are many varieties of cherry tomatoes and they all grow prolifically in Louisiana gardens. This bowl of assorted minature tomatoes was grown at the LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens at Burden on their research farm. The tomatoes were “on sale.” Some were “research” tomatoes — all were difference sizes, shapes and colors. “Take as many as you want,” the kind lady said. That was music to my ears. I came home with over three pounds of these small tomatoes. This was more than I could use in salads. I did not want to let the tomatoes go to waste and decided to experiement making a pasta sauce with most of them. How did the sauce turn out? Quite unique, very tasty.

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Summer Spaghetti with a Surprise Twist

Here’s a recipe for Summer Spaghetti with a surprise and a twist. It’s from an old Family Circle magazine; I keep all my treasured recipes safe on one shelf in my kitchen. This recipe is unique because cold tomato sauce is ladled over hot pasta. And as I took a second glance at the magazine spread for “best pasta dishes,” I realized that it was ahead of the times — the recipes fit into the guidelines for the heart healthy Mediterranean Diet. So enjoy a delicious pasta recipe that’s healthy, too!summer-spaghetini-estivi-img_1221_1 Continue reading