Knock-Out Corn Dip

Here’s an incredible snack dip which is perfect for an autumn football gathering or party. Just open cans! Who would guess that the star of your next party would be “Knock-Out Corn Dip” or that canned corn would make any sort of exciting dip. Watch out. This appetizer can become quite addictive. Our friend, Regina, has been bringing the corn dip to every social event that our little music group has had for the past five or more years — I’ve lost track. Now we tease Regina and remind her to bring the corn dip and chips to parties. The main ingredient is canned Fiesta-style corn which is a colorful medley of corn and peppers. Mix in a sour cream dressing, cheese, seasonings and green onions. Wow. This is a spicy and delicious concoction. I modified the recipe by including fresh corn cut off the cob.

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