December 2, 2023

5 thoughts on “Family Favorites: Green Bean Casserole with a Homemade Crispy Onion Variation

      1. I know someone who sliced her thumb pretty good using one and although I don’t have one, that’s why I’m hesitant. I love New Orleans and I love good food so you’re welcome!

      2. Yes, as I learned the hard way by cutting a finger or two, mandolin slicers have to be used carefully. It is fairly to slice your own finger in addition to the food piece. Two tips that I have learned: first is to purchase a mandolin slicer that comes with a plastic shield. You hold the shield on top of the piece of food as you slice, which protects your fingers from getting nicked. Also, I’ve learned to stop slicing before getting to the very last end of the food piece. I used the small remaining piece, such as an onion, for something else. Or, I’ll put the last piece of carrot in a salad — or just snack on it. Better to be practical than prefect. Good luck with the recipe.

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