December 4, 2023

7 thoughts on “Easy and Elegant: Blueberry Dump Cake Dessert

  1. ok – I shared this recipe, but everyone wants to know about that beautiful china. We love it!

    1. Hello, don’t know much about it — it is a family heirloom from paternal grandmother. Says given to her by her grandmother (so my great-great grandmother. Most likely the Rinehart family from the 1800’s.) Label says RS Germany. The Rinehart & Whitsell families settled in the Shenandoah Valley in the 1700’s and then moved to Ohio after the Civil War. I love the china pieces, too.

      1. Wow – thanks so much. I have China from my great aunt I love. People don’t seem to appreciate the special things in life anymore. Love your blog.

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