Satsuma Sherbet with Candied Orange Peel

I’ve been sorting old family photographs and for whatever reason that brought back memories of the ice cream truck that drove through the neighborhood in the summer months. I always got Dream-sickle Push-Up’s with their creamy orange flavor.
Satsuma Dreamin' Sherbet with Candied Orange Peel - IMG_1264_1

What a great thing to make with my sack of satsumas. I tried making a custard ice cream and also a sherbet. Both turned out with success. Surprisingly like the one I remembered.

The satsuma oranges that I purchased from the road-side vendor were the were juicy, with an intense flavor. I used an old fashioned Sunbeam mixer attachment to juice the oranges. The skin was very thin without much pith–so thin that it was difficult to make any kind of zest from the peels. So I decided to make candied orange peel with the skins. Then I crushed some of the candied peel and added it to the ice cream mix to give a little extra flavor.

For the ice cream, I made a cooked egg custard type, and added the satsuma juice, sugar and half-and-half. This made a rich, creamy ice cream. Yum.

For the sherbet, I used plain gelatin to give a smoothness then added scalded milk, the satsuma juice, lemon juice and sugar. The sherbet is made with whole milk, not cream making it a low-fat alternative to ice creams.

Satsumas are also rich in Vitamin C. The USDA Nutrient Data Base lists raw tangerine sections, which are comparable. A half cup contains 26 mg of Vitamin C, making it an excellent source of this nutrient.

Some kind of crunchy cookie goes well with ice cream. One way to use used the egg whites that are left after making the custard ice cream mix is to make a bittersweet chocolate meringue cookie. I had intended to take these along to our Thanksgiving get together, but only a couple of cookies were left by the time we got to Houston. SATSUMA ice cream and meringues = IMG_1196_1

Guess I’ll have to make more of these next time.

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