Bruschetta with “Tomatoes on the Vine”

My favorite vegetable is a juicy and flavorful tomato. Garden ripe tomatoes are available for only a few months in the summertime. I will never tire of this vegetable. And so I am delighted to see that our neighborhood grocery store now stocks “tomatoes on the vine.” They are a close substitute. Expensive, but worth it. A great way to serve these tomatoes is a topping for bruschetta. Tomatoes, French bread, cheese and olive oil–a healthy combination. Yum!bruschetta-with-vine-ripe-tomatoes-img_2915

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In Search of the Best Summer Tomato

My favorite summer vegetable is a vine ripe, juicy tomato. You won’t find this in a grocery store for reasons of transport and storage–plus tomatoes don’t ripen appreciably once they are picked and chilled. A farmer’s market, roadside stand or a summer garden is where you’ll find ripe tomatoes. My annual summer search for the best tomato met with success in a very unusual way during a recent trip to Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York.

Homegrown Tomatoes - 2 - IMG_6613

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