Maine-ish Fried Apple Hand Pies and a Baked Variation

Autumn is the season for wonderful apple desserts and concoctions. In October, quite by chance, we were treated to one of these desserts: “Maine Fried Apple Hand Pies.” I was not familiar with the dessert and term, “hand pies.” Wow, these small apple pies were delicious. We sampled the hand pies during a whirlwind visit to New England to visit relatives and see the fall foliage. I loved the small “pies” and returned home to Louisiana eager to try my luck making these delicious apple treats. After many attempts to replicate the ones we ate at the Maine café, I now have my very own unique recipe for “Apple Hand Pies.”

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Mrs. Bankston’s Lemon Meringue Pie with Meyer Lemons

Have you tried cooking with Meyer lemons? They are very large and are mild, sweet with a lemony flavor. I want to start the new year in 2016 by cooking with some new foods as well eating more fruits and vegetables. Thirteen lemons ripened on my backyard Meyer lemon tree this fall and am excited about the things I can cook with this citrus fruit. Meyer Lemons on Plate - IMG_6600_1 Continue reading