Pecan Tassies with Persimmon

If you like pecan pie, then you will like Pecan Tassies. And if you are not a fan of pecan pie, I bet you might like my version of this dessert. I added persimmon pulp (or you could add pumpkin puree) and the custard filling mellows out the rich and so, so sweet flavor of traditional pecan pie. A Pecan Tassie is a favorite Southern dessert served during the holiday season and is a great addition to any party or buffet.

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Bayou Persimmon Mud Pie and Persimmon Adventures

My persimmon tree is loaded with fruit this year. Enough for me, the birds, the squirrels and some to give away. I have several ideas for recipes including a variation on a cheesecake and persimmon salsa. But I’ve never known what kind of persimmon tree is growing in my backyard. A search for answers led me on an adventure to a unique persimmon grove in the heart of Baton Rouge.

Persimmon Grove - 2 - IMG_7819

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