Edna Staebler’s “Small and Easy Apple Cake”

I love the fall season which brings cooler and crisp air, the huge autumn moon and a plentiful harvest of pumpkins, gourds, winter squash, greens and apples. I especially like crunchy and aromatic apples which are in season in the fall. This week I’m making Edna Staebler’s “Small and Easy Apple Cake” with Caramel Icing as a tribute to fall. The cake is low-fat and healthy, too.
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Malinda’s Plum and Apple Chutney

Plums are an economical, plentiful and healthy fruit in the late summer. But what do you cook with them?  I become intrigued with a cookbook which dedicated an entire chapter to plum recipes–providing lots of ideas. My kind of cookbook. Here is “Malinda’s Plum and Apple Chutney”. The recipe includes plums, apples, onions and Indian spices. Wow, it was delicious.chutney-with-sandwich-img_6908

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