Spinach and Dill Rice

If you had told me that spinach and rice made a great combination; I might not have believed you. But while looking for ways to use my spring harvest of dill, I noticed a recipe combining spinach and rice along with dill and feta/Parmesan cheese. It’s from the cookbook, Vegetarian Epicure, Book Two. I’m not sure what region or type of cuisine this might be from; but it’s an interesting way to cook spinach and I’m trying to find creative ways to increase vegetables in my diet.

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Let’s Plant Dill

Does dill grow in Louisiana? Yes, it is easy to grow here. Dill grows best in cool weather and the time to plant it in southern Louisiana is from October to February. It is convenient to step out your back door to snip a few feathery leaves for a recipe. Featured here is Salmon with a Quinoa-Mustard Crust; fresh dill added a flavorful accent to the recipe. Salmon with Mustard and Quinoa Crust - 1 - IMG_2357 Continue reading