December 4, 2023

6 thoughts on “Happy Cows on an Iowa Dairy Farm

  1. Very interesting, Maylee. Of course, with family in Wisconsin, I remember vividly all the cattle, barns and silos. I’m trying to remember: I think much of the herds were Holstein.

  2. Thank you Maylee for writing this exquisite piece on the visit you had at our family farm. What beautiful and full detailed writing as well as fantastic photos! We greatly appreciate it!! Sharing for others on our Blough dairy Facebook page!!

  3. Maylee, was Ida Snavely your grandmother? I lived on the farm across the street from Ida and I remember playing with you when you came to visit Ida. Don’t you have a brother named Tommy?

    Josh and Richard keep some of their steers on my farm. Love your article on them.

    Ann Tannreuther

    1. Hello, Yes my grandmother is Ida Blough. I believe that you are thinking of Loanne, Barbara and Kathy Snavely. Their brother is Tommy. I recall your family. We had lots of fond memories returning to Waterloo. My, how it has grown. Thanks for commenting.

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