December 8, 2023

2 thoughts on “Sipping Mimosas and Sightseeing in New Orleans

  1. Thanks for a very nice report. N.O. was never part of the Lone Star Republic. It was French, Spanish, briefly French again and sold to USA in 1803. The Lone Star Republic was that part of Spanish West Florida west of Pearl River and east of Miss. R. The land on north side of Lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas and north of Amite River and of Bayou Manchac extending north to the southern boundary of the Miss. Territory of the USA. Interestingly, Bayou Manchac etc. was an international boundary btwn Spain on south side and England on north after the French & Indian War, and then again btwn Spain on North and USA on the south (the opposite sides) after the 1803 La. Purchase. After 1811 west Florida was annexed by USA and divided btwn La., Miss, Ala. Confirmed by purchase and treaty with Spain when USA acquired East Florida about 1819-1825.

    1. Thank you for clearing up that mistake. Having not grown up in Louisiana, I missed Louisiana history in school. Anyway, I didn’t realize there were such boundaries in this state. Again, thanks for the interesting information. Another stop on our “tour” of New Orleans was to the Wax Museum where we learned even more about Louisiana history. I believe that the Wax Museum has since closed in the past several weeks.

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