Let’s Make Banana Pepper Jelly

Let’s make Banana Pepper Jelly! Home canning pepper jelly is a new adventure for me — but I’m willing to give it a try. My Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) basket was full of large banana peppers. These peppers are mild, with a distinctive flavor. I don’t often use banana peppers in cooking and hate to throw them away. So making jelly seemed like a good solution. The jelly turned out so well that I made a batch of Hot Jalapeno Pepper Jelly, too.Banana Pepper Jelly and Crackers - IMG_0310_1

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Luscious Meyer Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake

I’ve tried several recipe ideas to use the 13 Meyer lemons from my backyard tree before they “sour.” With cold weather and two freezes now, I picked the entire lemon crop. Don’t want to waste a single lemon. I love cheesecake and experimented with making a “lighter” version of traditional cheesecake using the Meyer lemons and ricotta cheese.Lusious Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake - slice 2- IMG_7096_1

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Southern Mustard Greens and Smoked Turkey

Fresh mustard greens are nutritious, tender, flavorful and easy to prepare. Of all the greens available in a market, I prefer mustard greens the most. This recipe is a true Southern recipe; the smoked turkey gives a full flavor and southern flair. The recipe comes from my brother-in-law, Larry, and he supplied a detailed journey into making the dish. So, follow along as we prepare it.Mustard Greens and Smoked Turkey - IMG_5447_1

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Chicken Noodle Soup with Root Vegetables

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup is soothing to the soul and body. My soup is healthy, too, full of aromatic root vegetables—carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips, rutabaga and onions–available in autumn.  I’m taking the easy route to making the home-cooked broth by using rotisserie chickens; these will make a flavorful stock which is essential to good soup.Chicken Noodle Soup with Root Vegetables - IMG_5984_1 Continue reading

Chef Paul Prudhomme & Cajun Baked Redfish

Legendary Louisiana Chef Paul Prudhomme passed away this week. His funeral was yesterday (Monday). Prudhomme is best known for his Blackened Redfish dish and popularizing Cajun cooking. I had the chance opportunity to cook a redfish fillet this weekend with fish my daughter-in-law’s family caught. I used Chef Prudhomme’s Blackened Redfish Magic Seasoning Blend. Louisiana Redfish catch at Lake Pontchartrain - 20151011_112646 Continue reading

A Very Small Batch of Pickled Okra

I love pickled okra; this year I decided to make pickled okra with the pods growing in my garden. Most recipes for pickled okra make a large batch; I’ve experimented with scaling back the ingredients to accommodate what I can pick from my garden every morning.Pickled Okra and Fresh Okra - IMG_4721 Continue reading

Larry’s Holy Basil Beef

This week I have another recipe using fresh basil from my endless garden supply. It is a stir fry recipe with top round steak–a leaner and healthier cut of beef. The recipe is from my brother-in-law who enjoys cooking; and according to the title it tastes outstanding.Holy Basil Beef - IMG_4783

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Emeril’s New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp

It has been 10 years since Hurricane Katrina flooded 80 percent of New Orleans with mandatory evacuation of the entire city. So many memories. A visit to the city shows that it has rebounded — the culture, energy, music and restaurants have returned. If there is a single food that I identify with New Orleans, it might be barbecue shrimp. I especially like Chef Emeril Lagasse’s version.Emerils New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp - 2 - IMG_4687_1

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LaVerle’s Chocolate Meringue Cookies with Fresh Strawberries

One of my favorite desserts is a light and airy meringue cookie topped with chocolate glaze and walnuts. In the springtime, it can be adapted into an elegant dessert when shaped as a meringue shell and served with fresh, ripe strawberries.

Chocolate Meringues with Strawberries - IMG_2646_1

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