Stone Fruit Skillet Cobbler with Puff Pastry Crust

I love the flavor and aroma of ripe peaches, plums and cherries in the summertime and fall. It is so easy to just slice and eat these juicy, ripe fruit for a healthy, delicious snack. These stone fruit also make great cobblers, pies and other desserts. The recipe, “Stone Fruit Skillet Cobbler,” is an example. This simple recipe is similar to a traditional pies, but without all the fuss. Prepare and bake the cobbler in the same dish — a cast iron skillet. Top with an easy puff pastry top crust. Any of these stone fruits can be used in the dessert; this time I used peaches. For an added southern touch, I used Sugar in the Raw®, a Turbinado sugar made exclusively from sugarcane, in the dessert and top crust. This cobbler is delicious.

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