Louisiana Cuisine

This theme is my take on Louisiana cuisine: what makes it unique and special — all the way from spices and ingredients to my favorite restaurants and recipes.Louisiana has some interesting food products and brands; are included in posts.

8 thoughts on “Louisiana Cuisine

  1. I made your Crawfish casserole using the Jiffy mix with fresh uncooked shrimp and it turned out wonderful. I think I will try with my NE GA stone ground white corn meal next time with your suggested amounts( different options for corn meal mix/ unmixed ,wow, that is a seldom offered perk with your recipe ) I also am going to try fresh crab and Crawfish. Yumm


    • Hello, I’m always glad to get feedback and am so pleased that you dish turned out great! I have also made this with sausage and also with shrimp (sauteeing in a little butter and Creole seasoning first). Haven’t tried crab — although I mentioned it in my post — crab is so pricey here, I’d probably use it in a dish which showed it off more — such as a topping for broiled fish or in a soup. But it would work well in the casserole, too!


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