Traditional Southern Fried Green Tomatoes

I’ve been told that it is it possible to grow tomatoes in the springtime in Louisiana and then to plant another crop in the fall. I love ripe tomatoes and two crops a year seems like a gardener’s dream. But being somewhat an unbeliever, I decided to prove this for myself in September by setting out a large number of tomatoes seedlings. The experiment turned out to be partially successful. Here is some of my autumn tomato crop. Continue reading

Quinoa Blueberry Crumble

Quinoa Blueberry Crumble is exactly that – it crumbles! But it’s relatively easy to make and  is delicious.

quiona blueberry tart in pan - IMG_2407_1

I adapted a recipe from a cookbook for “Plum Crumble.” The cookbook author, Edna Staebler, pronounced that, “This was the most popular of the six desserts I made for a coffee-dessert party for ladies who are all good cooks.” Obviously Edna likes to cook desserts; this was quite an endorsement for “Plum Crumble.”

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Container Gardening

Don’t have room for a garden in your back yard? Don’t have a sunny spot in a good location?

Try container gardening. I started experimenting with this as a method of gardening this  year and am still learning what works and doesn‘t work.

I was skeptical that anything would grow in containers. However, this past summer we picked more tomatoes than we could eat, container gardening was a success.

Here’s how I made the container garden:

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