Let’s Cook Something New: “DYI Bandanna Face Masks”

What? We’re cooking face masks now? No, we’re sewing them. It looks like we will be required to wear a face mask out in public due to the Covid-19 virus — at least in Louisiana. And, ideally, a person should wash his/her cloth face mask in hot, soapy water frequently. So, we’ll need alot of these face masks. Since I don’t have a “Sewing Blog,” I decided to share my original “recipe” for sewing an easy “DYI Bandanna Face Mask” on my cooking blog using a bandanna that I found in a drawer. This bandanna face mask is really simple to make. You only need a bandanna, two shoe laces and several pipe cleaners (or floral wire). Plus a sewing machine, measuring tape, pins and one safety pin. Oh yes, and an iron.

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