December 7, 2023

6 thoughts on “Easy Cook: Pumpkin Rum Cake

  1. Let the pumpkin spice season commence! 😁 I love everything about this pretty cake, and I’d probably have to go rogue and put more rum into the icing, too.

    About the bundt pan, do you have to do anything special to keep cakes from sticking? I’ve shied away from the fancy fluted ones out of fear that I’d just make a big mess.

    1. Yes, this is a cake with a “kick” especially if you added Rum Icing. Delicious. As for getting a cake out of a bundt pan, good luck. I find that oiling it generously helps. Actually putting the walnuts in the bottom of the pan along with oil helped. Also, I let the cake cool, then take a table knife, even a fork, or anything that I can find which is curved and carefully loosen every bit and crany of the bundt pan, especially the bottom. Even so, one piece of this cake missed getting out — if you look closely on the first photo you can see it. So, I patched it with some icing.

  2. I’m curious about the recipe card with the 2 pkg of pound cake mix. That has potential! Ever tried it?

    1. Hello, wow, a 2 lb box of cake mix would be a huge box — I really think that means 2 boxes of cake mis — pound cake mix. Same difference. Yes, I looked at the recipe but went with the other recipe this year. But this pumpkin pound cake looks awesome. May need to try it for an event coming up. I’m impressed that you looked at the recipe card. It is from an old “Better Homes and Garden” magazine – back in the days when we all had typwriters. The recipe is still good. Thanks for visiting my blog! Happy Holidays.

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